“Wine at Stonelea continues to pride itself on an all-Victorian wine list, quietly efficient waiting staff and high food quality.” The Age Good Food Guide

The choices are particularly difficult as in this garden state we have a range of first quality wines. Each of the wine regions have been explored to source wines that represent the best of their type at a price that represents good value.

Group Wine events

  • Private Wine Tastings and Hosted Tastings with Local Winemakers
  • Cellar Door Tours

Winemaker dinners

For groups of 12 or more you can book your own winemaker’s dinner with a special menu designed to complement the selection of wines – please note that dates that boutique winemakers can attend are generally restricted by the operational seasons of the wineries (winter is generally easier as harvest is usually completed by May) however we are happy to make enquiries at any time or alternatively book our restaurant manager to host the evening for you. Approximate charge is $120 per person including a five course menu and all selected wines however menu and inclusions can be tailored to your requirements.

Stonelea Country Estate Winery – from grape to glass on site

The vineyard comprises equal plantings of Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet and is situated at Stonelea Country Estate in the Acheron Valley where the Great Dividing Range meets the flood plains of the Goulburn River.

The Stonelea vines are maturing and improving year by year and this translates to more subtle characteristics in the bottle. Here at Stonelea we have just come out of a decade of drought and the establishment of healthy vines has been a battle that has only recently been won. Now we have a stable growth platform from which we can develop those unique traits that are derived from our piece of land and the local micro climate.

It has proved to be difficult to establish a track record as vintage has varied from March to June and the yield graph looks like the big dipper, but we are learning year by year of the strengths and weaknesses of our vines and processes and have our sights firmly set upon producing balanced wines that reflect our country. We abhor the concept of making wines to a formula and will endeavor to let our country speak for itself. Bottom line-balance.

Hand pruning, picking and winemaking means we all get into the act here at Stonelea. Vintage involves participation from all of us and yes, harvest lunch is an annual event. Pruning and trimming to a strict regime means production is limited to 12 tonnes or 15,000 bottles in any vintage and the wine is only available in the restaurant and at the cellar door.

The wine is matured in French oak barriques for approximately 18 months and when ready, bottling, labeling and boxing is a chore for the house staff here at Stonelea. The label includes a Jan Senbergs kookaburra with the Cathedral mountain backdrop. Jan is hung in all major Australian galleries and his works include the mural in the High Court in Canberra. Unlike the Federal Government the commission for the Stonelea kookaburra is a vintage by vintage proposition.

The distinct characteristics of each of the wine types is nurtured from bud burst to bottle at Stonelea with the degree of commitment that only passionate individuals possess.

Stonelea is a vineyard and winery where best practices mean the best is the norm and the result is wines of exceptional balance reflecting the virtues of the surrounding countryside and the mountains, hills, rivers and fertile plains that all form part of the tasting experience.

Viticulturist: Barry Cleary 
Winemaker: George Watkins

Cellar Door Special 2008

Stonelea wine available to purchase $132 per dozen, straight or mixed selection inc. GST

  • 2004 Stonelea Cabernet
  • 2004 Stonelea Shiraz
  • 2004 Stonelea Pinot Noir   

Wine Events

On Saturday 30th August we hosted our 2008 winter winemaker dinner with Boat O’Craigo Winery where we were able to taste two newly released wines including their specialty Liqueur Shiraz. Winemaker Al spoke about traditional winemaking methods, European influences and the virtues of screw tops versus corks and kept everyone very entertained with 7 varieties being tasted throughout the evening alongside a five course dinner.

Wine Gallery

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